From the snow covered mountains of Himalayas.. to the lush Green trees of Kerala.. to the deserts of Rajasthan

India is glorious in its being... India in its amazement, amazes Indians too. ITS MAGICAL

I would like to share something from my Diary...

Though born and brought up in India, I personally never explored India. I then lived outside of India for nearly 15 years.

Now I am back to this beautiful land ready to explore each day this beauty so fresh and rugged, recognizing how much I missed out in this Incredible India.

It's like every road and every city has a story, a tale to share.

I once met a man ( Non- Indian ) and in his amazement of India, he asked me - "so how do you all manage so many different type of vehicles (Cars, Rikshaws, Autos, bicycles, 2 wheeler, 3 wheelers) in the same lane, and the pedestrains walking in the same lane too" ?

I laughingly replied - It is the way it is, this is how we have known it since we were born. Its a country where everything is self sustaining. It is unique and Incredible . I also mentioned , don't forget the fully loaded bikes in the same lane , its a sight to reckon with .... hahaha lol , but of course these guys are unstoppable , they believe in themselves and they believe in the task they do, no matter what it takes . Indians have solution for everything and they are infact good at it .

Its a place where we can see Trees which are 1000's years old . We sometimes see old trees inside the house , house built around it .

Trees usefulness in India is not only in the form of a fruit or herbs , but the shade of the Tree is used for studying by village kids , by teachers to teach the kids under its shade . To use it as a television back rest 😊 , and many , many more ways .

He said with happy amazement - Yes , indeed its Incredible and I would like to Explore !!!!

India's first Love

Hahaha ... Lol

YES the big craze we Indians have for Cricket .... Believe me there are funny and surprising stories of every household of India .

From Wives / Girl Friend's complaining about their Husband's / Boy Friend's , to Bosses being best buddies to their subordinates , only in the name of Cricket .

The Whole World can stop for Indians when its time for Cricket and at the same time , All work can stop for them when its Cricket time.

And this is not all ... Age is no factor ... from Kids to Great Grand parents ... all will be glued to the Television Set .... and yes its complete Party time during the days of the Cricket World Champion .

Not only the Urban cities have this Party time during the League ... its the same crazy/ happy days in the Rural areas .

But this time is the most HAPPY times for Indians .... so to say that when Indian team wins , its not just the Team winning , but the entire Country is winning . There is indescribable happiness in every household and on every face of an Indian.